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Inflaitable RC Remote Controlled R2D2
In stock in time for Christmas is one of the must fun products we have tested (we are a bit biased being Star Wars fans) is the Remote Controlled Inflaitable RC R2D2.
The item is very easy control andis weighted in such a way that if it falls over or drops off a ledge it will quickly bounce back up again.
This item is a must have Christmas toy for everybody from 3 up to 103 years old.
It can be used inside and outdoors on calm days on even surfaces.

Key Features

    Radio controlled inflatable Star Wars R2-D2TM

    Over 65cm tall

    Detachable drive units make R2-D2TM compatible with other Star Wars characters

    Spin 360 – drive forward, back – turn left – turn right

    Self-righting system means R2-D2 stands upright even when knocked over or driven down stairs !!

    Easy controls and safety aerial on handset allows anyone of any age to operate.

    Tri band operation up to 3 units can be driven at once

    Range up to 8m

    Indoors and outdoors use

    Requires 1x9V battery for handset and 4xAA battery for drive unit.

Ride in Dalek is here.
Dr Who Ride in Daleks should be in stock this week.
Grab your Dalek quick as these Ride in Daleks are to be one of the biggest Christmas toys of 2011.
Available at The Gift Depot while stocks last.


Summertime Fun.
When did getting wet become so much fun.
This great Summer fun item by Aeromax is a must for any kids summer enjoyment.
Kids love nothing more on a hot summers day than giving each other a good soaking.
This item can shoot bursts of water up to 30 feet, so theres no getting away from this super soaker.
In stock now at an amazing £12.99.

Angry Birds Spoof Trailer
If your into Angry Birds then how cool is this.
Remeber angry Bird toys are available at The Gift Depot.


Dr Who and HM Armed Forces Character Building
Dr Who and Hm Armed Forces Character Building ranges due in next week.
These items will sell fast as are very popular.
Both ranges come with a variety of Characters and play sets to keep the kids amused and collecting.
The Dr Who ranges brings you all your favourites to collect, Daleks, Weeping Angels, Smilers, Cybermen, etc.
The HM Armed Forces range includes, Pilots, Army and Navy characters to collect.
Interchangeable with other popular brands.

Check out the cool ads.

Soaking Summer Fun.
Great Summer item for the kids due in next week.
Fire Power Super Soaker Fire Hose.
As hopefully the hot summer days approach what better way to keep the kids amused than letting them get wet, very wet!
This quirky fun water soaking device comes in a Fireman them and holds enough water for 60 soaks.
It's held on your back with 2 straps and even fully loaded weighs just over 2 pounds.
This item is mega summer fun but don't take our word for it just watch the video.


Halo RC Toys
Fantastic range of Halo RC toys will be available at The Gift Depot From June 2011.
These will be priced from aprox £24.99 - £59.99.

New ride in Daleks
New ride-in Daleks are due in stock late June 2011.
These ride in Daleks are great fun and suit children from the age of 3 up to 6 and have full 360 degree control.


* 128cm tall
* 360degree movement
* 10 sounds and phrases
* lights inside the sitting unit
* comes with 6v rechargeable battery
* recommended for children aged 3-6 years

Setting off for the office (Snow Day)
The long slog to the office on Wednesday gave us a couple of nice pictures.

New Christmas stock.
New delivery of Dr Who, Star Wars and Harry Potter Toys due in this week.
Also great kid's ride-ons The Magic Roller and Brighter Bike due in.
This is just a sample of the great products due in over the next week.
Grab them while you can.

Spy Gear Toys
Spy Gear products due in stock this week.
A must have toy for any young aspiring spies.

Support World Diabetes Day
The Gift Depot supports World Diabetes Day.
The owner of the Gift Depot's youngest daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes nearly 3 years ago at the age of 2 years old.
We would like to help make the general public more aware of this disease, Sunday 14TH November is World Diabetes Day.
Please click the banner on the Homepage and support World Diabetes Day.

A new shipment of Dave The Funky Shoulder Monkey arrives at our warehouse on Tuesday.
This will be the 2nd last shipment before christmas of this very sought after toy.
This is tipped by many stores including Hamleys as being one of the Christmas must have items.
Stock will be limited so be quick.

Crazy Halloween Offer - 5% Discount
Halloween Offer valid until 31st Oct.
Enter spooky1 in Voucher box at end of checkout.

Fin Fin Friends Now in stock
Now stocking the Wowwee Fin Fin friends range of Toys.
Including Seaside Shop and Caribbean Castle, with a range of accessories available.

The Fin Fin Friends™ live in magical water worlds of life-like fish and aquatic creatures that are ALIVE with activity. Send a Fin Fin Friend down the slide into his water environment and everything comes to life with motion, lights, sounds and interactivity.

Free delivery
The Gift Depot are now offering free standard delivery on orders over £50.00.
Orders under £50.00 are now £3.99 standard delivery.
Express delivery is now £7.99, these orders are delivered to your door within 48hrs of order being placed.

Panda Internet Security products
The new range of Panda Security products are now in stock.
Competative pricing on the Panda range.

Clearance Deals
We are now uploading a range of clearance items up to the website.
These items are end of line or damaged packaging, but all goods should be in perfect condition.
Grab a bargain.

Disney Peripherals.
Over the next few weeks we will be starting to stocking a range of Disney Computer Peripherals at The Gift Depot.

Kung Zhu Special Forces
Kung Zhu Hamsters have now arrived in stock.
Which one are you.

Adaware Plus
Lavasoft Ad Aware Plus 3 User Retail.
Amazing value at The Gift Depot only £8.99 for 3 user.

Be quick to catch this one.

Adaware Antivirus and Antimalware.
Get peace of mind. With advancements to the anti-malware technology and additional usability features that allow you to use the product according to your individual needs, Ad-Aware Plus provides the comprehensive online protection and ease-of-use you need to stay in full control of your private information.

* Shop, bank, and make travel arrangements online

* Stay safe on social networking sites

* Download photos, music, and other files with confidence

* Control your privacy

Paper Jamz Drums the Video
Check out the great video for Paper Jamz Drums.
It's awesome.

The Hangover Kit.
Sooth away that Hangover Head with The Hangover Pack from The Gift Depot.
Makes a great gift for any drinker.
Great for after Office Parties, Birthday Bashes, Christmas Parties, Etc.

New Retro Products
New Delivery of Retro goods due in next week.
Mugs, bags, etc.
Featuring Film and Cartoon characters.
Yogi Bear, Capain Caveman, Bugs Bunny, Top Cat, etc.

Top Toys for Christmas - Click Here to Comment
Nearly 3/4 of the way through the year and it's time for us to ponder about Christmas.
We have top Christmas sellers such as Paper Jamz, Dave the Cheeky Monkey, Kung Zhu Hamsters all hopefully in stock for the run up to Christmas, but what do you want to see us try and stock.
Click the link above to leave your comments.